The benefits of providing a workout area for inmates is to improve their physical and mental well being while incarcerated, it gives them a positive feeling about themselves both mentally and physically. Sitting in a cell or room all day without being able to do any physical activity will never improve a person’s well-being. Having a defined exercise area to help break up the daily routine will improve a person’s physical fitness, attitude, disposition, mindset and help reduce aggression among other benefits. This applies to any facility where people are housed for long periods of time without any outlet for being physical active. That would be juvenile correction centers, prisons, halfway houses, rehab centers, reform schools or any type of detention centers or facilities. SuperMAX offers one of the largest selections of bodyweight equipment available and the designs are unlimited and can be made to fit just about any size area and budget.

Why Bodyweight Equipment?

SuperMAX Outdoor/indoor fitness equipment is strictly bodyweight equipment with no moving parts, no cables, weights or pulleys and everything is hand welded, pre-drilled and bolted together. installation is simple and easy and can be installed in ground or surfaced mounted to a concrete slab. Tamper proof hardware is available upon request. It is the perfect addition to any prison, correctional facility, military installation, police department, fire department or any application where the heaviest duty equipment is required.

Tamper Proof Heavy Duty Exercise Equipment

SuperMAX prison and correctional equipment is the most “Inmate” proof equipment on the market. SuperMAX equipment is all hand welded out of the strongest materials, no light gauge steel it’s all schedule 40 tube, 3/16’ to 3/8” thick flat and square carbon steel, the strongest prison equipment made with the best warranty 25 years.