Circuit training, where cardio and strength training are combined, provides a quick and efficient workout in a short period of time. Most circuit training workouts take around 30 minutes as participants move from one exercise to another with short rests between each exercise. The workout targets different muscle groups in a short period of time, increasing the cardio benefit and burning off excess energy at the same time.

A normal circuit might involve 8-10 different exercises with each exercise taking 2-3 minutes, then moving onto the next exercise with little down time. SuperMAX fitness equipment is designed so you can create a fitness circuit meeting the needs of all your inmates while doing so in a compact space. SuperMAX offers over 40 different bodyweight exercises and can be custom designed for smaller spaces, such as in a jail, fire department, or juvenile detention center. The equipment can also be spread out to better facilitate the needs of a large prison, correctional facility, or a military installation. With our best-of-industry factory warranty of a full 25 years, you can rest assured SuperMAX is the strongest equipment built to fit your needs.