SuperMAX Fitness Equipment

SuperMAX Correctional Fitness Equipment is hand made in the USA and designed specifically for use in almost any environment! SuperMAX is the perfect fitness addition for prisons, correctional facilities, military installations, police departments, fire departments, or any application where only the toughest and heaviest duty equipment will work.

Manufactured with oversized steel components, thicker wall sizes, hand welded, Powder coated, and stainless steel hardware (tamper resistant hardware is available). SuperMAX has no moving parts for minimal maintenance and our 25-year warranty makes it the best product for your existing or new workout facility.

Additional Heavy Duty Fitness Equipment

In addition to our multi-functional fitness stations, we offer a complete line of individual fitness stations that can be installed as single free-standing units or wall mounted when space is an issue. They can also be custom designed to fit almost any space or need and can be ordered to be surface mounted on a concrete surface or installed in the ground. Tamper resistant hardware is also available.

As with all our SuperMAX equipment everything is hand made in our factory in Maple Valley Washington and carries our 25-year warranty, the best warranty in the industry.

Heavy Duty – Tamper Resistant

Tamper Resistant Hardware

SuperMAX correctional facility and prison exercise equipment is the most “Inmate” resistant equipment on the market. No light gauge steel is used in SuperMAX equipment. The structure is hand-welded using the strongest materials; schedule 40 tube and 3/16’ to 3/8” thick flat and square carbon steel. It is simply the toughest prison equipment built, and with our 25 year coverage, has the best warranty in its field.

SuperMAX Outdoor/indoor fitness equipment is strictly bodyweight equipment and requires no moving parts, cables, weights, pulleys or other components which could sustain damage or need replacement. Everything is hand-welded, pre-drilled, and then bolted together using heavy-duty tamper resistant hardware, making a perfect fit for prison exercise equipment.

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About SuperMAX

SuperMAX Bodyweight Fitness Equipment was created out of the StayFIT Outdoor Fitness Systems product line, addressing the more rigorous needs to correctional facilities, prisons, jails, outdoor military, police, and fire department fitness areas.  All our equipment is designed and manufactured in Maple Valley, WA USA.