SuperMAX is heaviest and strongest line of outdoor exercise equipment made!  It can withstand all weather conditions and be customized to accommodate all fitness needs and skill levels. It is perfect for prisons, correctional facilities, military installations, police departments, fire departments or any location where heavy duty, vandal resistant, low maintenance equipment is needed. SuperMAX equipment is completely modular and can be designed to fit just about any size area and budget.

Quality Construction

SuperMAX outdoor/indoor exercise equipment is constructed from only the finest materials and designed to withstand everything Mother Nature can throw at it. The vertical support posts are 5” x 5” carbon steel, round tubing is all schedule 40 and all attaching plates are 3/8” carbon steel with heavy duty 1/2” stainless steel bolts. Everything is hand welded, powder coated  and there are no moving parts. tamper resistant hardware is available on request.

Once fabrication is complete, pieces are sandblasted and then powder coated for a tough and attractive finish.

SuperMAX is a product line manufactured by us, Pacific Outdoor Products in Maple Valley, WA USAFor harsher climates we can also provide an extra layer of protection by applying a layer of Zinc Rich epoxy primer prior to the powder coating. Zinc Rich epoxy primer is a powder undercoating specifically made to improve corrosion resistance when the equipment is installed in or near corrosive environments such as anywhere near sea water, salt fog etc.  It is designed to be an unusually dense plastic powder that contains sacrificial zinc metal.  The zinc metal corrodes before the substrate does because the zinc is more reactive than the steel substrate it is protecting.  It is made to work in concert with a sun weathering top coat, such as the polyester powders that we normally use.  When used with good metal working practices such as removing sharp edges by deburring them it can help improve the life of powder coated metal items.

No material made will stop corrosion from happening altogether, but well designed and executed systems can slow the inevitable down quite a bit.

SuperMAX is simply the strongest product available for indoor or outdoor use.

All SuperMAX outdoor exercise equipment is made in the USA by Pacific Outdoor Products, Inc. and built to the highest standards to provide the best equipment available.  All cutting, bending, welding and fabrication are performed by in-house craftsman located in Maple Valley, Washington. The StayFIT manufacturing team has years of experience in producing outdoor equipment that withstands even the roughest weather.

Complete with a 25-year structural warranty, an investment in SuperMAX outdoor exercise equipment is a smart choice.