SuperMAX Heavy Duty Bodyweight exercise equipment provides a whole-body workout that builds strength and aerobic endurance.  Our military readiness depends on able bodied personnel that are well trained and fit for the rigors of rapid deployments.  Once military personnel leave Boot Camp, it’s important to keep their fitness levels up.

US Army Special Forces in Training Exercises

SuperMAX military exercise equipment, fitness centers, and individual stations can be customized and incorporated into existing exercise areas or along running paths, to give on-base personnel different muscle group target areas for an overall and complete workout.


Strongest Outdoor / Indoor Bodyweight Exercise Equipment

SuperMAX super-duty fitness equipment is the strongest outdoor/indoor bodyweight workout equipment made; designed for outdoor spaces and ideal for military installations, military bases, and joint base military installations. SuperMAX is bodyweight fitness equipment, hand-built using heaviest gauge steel and components to withstand the extremes of the outdoors. There are no moving parts, no cables, weights or pulleys and everything is hand welded, pre-drilled and bolted together.

Tamper-Resistant Hardware

Tamper Resistant hardwareSuperMAX outdoor fitness equipment is designed to be tamper resistant equipment. No light gauge steel is used in SuperMAX equipment. The structure is hand-welded using the strongest materials; schedule 40 tube and 3/16’ to 3/8” thick flat and square carbon steel. It is simply the toughest outdoor fitness equipment built, and with our 25 year coverage, has the best warranty in its field.

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